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Pregnant Mother Killed by Seattle Police (LAST NIGHTLY №45)

Charleena Lyles was shot and killed by police at her apartment Sunday morning in front of “several children” when the woman, who relatives said was pregnant, “confronted” them with a knife, according to a statement from authorities. 💥BECOME A PATRON at LICENSE archetypes config.toml content data i18n layouts netlify.toml public resources scripts static You’ve reached the channel of Peter Coffin, a weirdo. Very Important Documentaries, Adversaries (with Ashleigh!) and Many Peters are coming out all the time so make sure to check back soon. Please subscribe so you don’t miss any and leave a message at the beep. BEEEEEEEEEP. 📺Subscribe NOW! 💖BECOME A PATRON! 📕 pre-order “Custom Reality and You” (221) FOLLOW PETER ON: 🐦TWITTER: 📰MEDIUM: 📱NOTIFICATIONS: LICENSE archetypes config.toml content data i18n layouts netlify.toml public resources scripts static LAST NIGHTLY coveres the Charleena Lyles shooting. A pregnant woman shot by police, yes the woman shot armed with knife but the main important thing is that pregnant mother killed by the police. In no way did she deserve to die, the Charleena Lyles police shooting was totally without merit and should never have happened. This is the recently police shooting in seattle, the seattle police department was involved in the Charleena Lyles shooting. A statement from the seattle police department of justice says that the police were armed with non lethal weapons and should have deployed those against a relatively small person wielding a small weapon and possibly not actually even doing anything. It’s a shame there even has to be social justice news - there should already be social justice. A mother with mental illness killed by the police is not something you hear in a country that acts responsably. A pregnant mother killed by seattle police should be morally despicable to you. Any pregnant woman killed by seattle police, regardless of what they were doing, should be under particular scrutiny and the seattle police need to answer for the Charleena Lyles shooting. Help us caption & translate this video! -~--~--~- NEW VIDEO: “Free Speech 2: Censorship Boogaloo (Infowars, Steven Crowder) | Very Important Docs²³” -~--~--~-