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Self-Help | Very Important Docs¹⁸

People hate self-help, but actually they hate capitalism. What do you expect from me at this point? subscribe and ring the bell and/or become a patron @ follow: merch: book: podcast: LICENSE archetypes config.toml content data i18n layouts netlify.toml public resources scripts static SOURCES “What’s Next for the $9.9 Billion Personal Development Industry” (18 January 2018) John LaRosa, Marketresearch, LLC “Have Women Become Obsessed With Self-Help Books?” (29 August 2018) Johanna Ferreira, HipLanta Goodreads data show that women reading self-help books are getting advice from men (4 November 2017) Youyou Zhou, Quartz The U.S. Market For Self-improvement Products & Services” – Jan. 2015, by Marketdata Enterprises, Tampa, FL. (paywall, f*ckin’ ridiculous one too) #SelfHelp #Capitalism #YellowVests -~--~--~- NEW VIDEO: “Free Speech 2: Censorship Boogaloo (Infowars, Steven Crowder) | Very Important Docs²³” -~--~--~-