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Brexit: What Is Democracy? | Philosophy Tube

A Scifi Odyssey to the heart of democracy Patreon: Subscribe! Wanna get me a gift for the show? Check out my other videos on: Steve Bannon: How To Fix the Housing Crisis? Why Does Britain Still Have A Queen? YouTube: Art or Reality? Reform or Revolution? An ASMR Guided Meditation Is Philosophy Just White Guys J3rk!ng Off? Witchcraft, Gender, & Marxism Elon Musk - Suic!de and Ment@l He@lth ★- Transphobia: An Analysis - The Philosophy of Antifa - When Will Security Go Back to Normal? - Twitter: @PhilosophyTube Email: Facebook: Bibliography: “The Antidote to Civilisational Collapse,” Adam Curtis interview with The Economist Kojo Koram, “Britain’s Blindness,” in Dissent Magazine Eoin O’Malley, “Brexit Offers A Prized Return to the Blitz Spirit,” in The Times Pankaj Mishra, “The Malign Incompetence of the British Ruling Class,” in The New York Times William Shakespeare, Coriolanus Mill, Utilitarianism, A Few Words on Non-Interventionism, and Considerations on Representative Government (PDF) Fricker, Epistemic Injustice Medina, The Epistemology of Resistance Mbembe, Necropolitics (pdf) Simplican, The Capacity Contract Mitchell, “An Unbroken Assertion of Sovereignty,” in Drumbeat ed. Boyce Richardson Arend Lijphart, “Unequal Participation; Democracy’s Unresolved Dilemma,” in The American Political Science Review Annabelle Lever, “Compulsory Voting: A Critical Perspective” in The British Journal of Political Science Moxie Marlinspike, Windy Hart, “An Anarchist Critique of Democracy” Harsha Walia, Undoing Border Imperialism Philosophy Tube, Immigration, Sovereignty, and the EU Hbomberguy, “How Should I Vote in the EU Referendum?” ARRIVAL (2016, dir. Denis Villeneuve) Lessons from the Screenplay Arrival: Examining An Adaptation - “The Apocalypse We Need: MeToo and Transformative Justice Part 1” How to Survive the End of the World Podcast Jessica Elgot, “Vote Leave Fined and Reported to Police by Electoral Commission,” in The Guardian Nathaniel Perlisy, “Americans are Losing Faith in Democracy - and In Each Other,” in The Washington Post Music: ‘Destination Zero’ by Nina Richards Additional Music by Zoë Blade Additional Music and Sound Effects by Footage from Arrival (2016) represents fair use for education and commentary. If you or your organisation would like to financially support Philosophy Tube in distributing philosophical knowledge to those who might not otherwise have access to it in exchange for credits on the show, please get in touch! #Brexit #SciFi