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Prolekult is a Marxist film, writing and culture platform based in Birmingham, England. The project is presently run by James Bell (writing and narration) and Alex Bushell (editing and filming). The purpose of the project is to provide high-quality film content looking at world politics, culture and economics from a Marxist perspective.

History is Marching

History is Marching is a feature length documentary analysing the rise in tensions between major powers across the globe over the course of 2018. #SocialismorExtinction Support us on Patreon: Make a one-off donation: Script, with references: This film contains flashing images and graphic imagery. Part 1: 6:25 Part 2: 20:33 Part 3: 44:41 Part 4: 1:03:36 Part 5: 1:20:58 Part 6: 1:42:42 Part 7: 1:56:40 Twitter: Facebook: Writer: James Bell (Twitter: / Medium: Editor: Alex Bushell Spanish translation for subtitles by Venus (