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Prolekult is a Marxist film, writing and culture platform based in Birmingham, England. The purpose of the project is to provide high-quality film content looking at world politics, culture and economics from a Marxist perspective.

History is Marching | Part five: The Fall of the British Empire

History is Marching is a feature length documentary analyzing the rise in tensions between major world powers of the course of 2018. This part of the film looks at the political and economic crisis of British imperialism. Since the world wars, Britain has largely maintained its alliances with both Europe and the US to its own advantage, allowing it to retain itself as an independent economic power and the City of London as a leading financial centre. Today, however, this is becoming untenable. With lines hardening between the US and the EU, Britain was forced to pick a single alliance. This rendered the British ruling class split and unable to decide, forcing the 2016 Brexit referendum. This has result in an all but complete political crisis amongst the British ruling-class, which is still deepening. Increasingly, Britain is becoming desperate. Enter Sergei Skripal. Please consider supporting our work on Patreon: If you would prefer to make a one-off donation, then follow this link: Twitter: Facebook: Writer: James Bell (Twitter: / Medium: Editor: Alex Bushell