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Prolekult is a Marxist film, writing and culture platform based in Birmingham, England. The purpose of the project is to provide high-quality film content looking at world politics, culture and economics from a Marxist perspective.

History is Marching | Part two: the Post-War Boom, "Globalisation" and Great Power Competition

History is Marching is a feature length documentary analyzing the rise in tensions between major world powers of the course of 2018. The second part of the film looks at economic and political history between 1945 and early 2018 to establish how capitalism has developed following the world wars. With the US now dominant in the world economy, the historically unique period of the post-war boom (1945-1973) saw the formation of a strong alliance between western nations. This subsisted, despite a return to economic crisis in the major capitalist economies in 1973-1974, through what is known as neoliberal “globalisation” by academics. This period has now come to a close, with the economic end of “globalisation” in 2016 and a military expression of this fact in early 2018, with the US’ National Defence Strategy describing the period as one of great power competition. Please consider supporting our work on Patreon: If you would prefer to make a one-off donation, then follow this link: Twitter: Facebook: Writer: James Bell (Twitter: / Medium: Editor: Alex Bushell