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Prolekult is a Marxist film, writing and culture platform based in Birmingham, England. The purpose of the project is to provide high-quality film content looking at world politics, culture and economics from a Marxist perspective.

The Common Ruin of the Contending Classes

A 2018 UN report found that we have 12 years left to prevent environmental catastrophe on a scale that could lead to human extinction. Another report, published in February 2019, argued that the damage caused to the environment by capitalist industry could see the death of clouds this decade, dramatically shortening this timescale. “The Common Ruin of the Contending Classes is a love poem to an unborn child. (Sound on!) #SocialismorExtinction Support us on Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: UN report: On the second report: History is Marching | Part Six: The Sixth Mass-Extinction: