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 Some More News

Some More News

Hello, I am a news dude and, news-wise, here is some of it.

Kids in Camps, Kardashians, Kim Jong-Un, Kaepernick & More - SOME MORE NEWS

In today’s episode we discuss how migrant kids are being separated from their parents and put in camps (not the good kind), Kim Kardashian’s prison reform effort and how President Trump used her for a photo-op, Kim Jong-Un, a glorious and powerful dictator, who the President has a crush on, and the latest with with Colin Kaepernick and the NFL kneeling saga. Ugh. Support SOME MORE NEWS: SUBSCRIBE to SOME MORE NEWS: You can subscribe to our podcast EVEN MORE NEWS here: iTunes: Google Play: Soundcloud: Stitcher: Follow us on social Media! Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Sources for this episode: