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I’m a young Finnish Communist & Marxist-Leninist. This channel is about the science of Marxism-Leninism. I give information and my personal thoughts on various topics dealing with Marxism-Leninism. Feel free to ask questions and voice your opinion.

Questions & Answers (Part 3)

00:00 WarCorpse666 00:42 plans to expand the channel 1:42 Hoxhaism and anti-Maoism 3:51 New maoist party in China 5:09 Why don’t we hear about African socialist states? 7:08 Should we ally with SJWs? 7:59 Is Russia Anti-imperialist? 9:25 How to fight anti-communism in the West? 11:36 CPGB-ML 13:09 Chinese Economy 14:21 Councilism and Situationism 18:58 Mass Line 21:10 Biggest misconceptions about Marxism-Leninism 22:12 ELZN 25:21 Is Cuba going capitalist?