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I’m a young Finnish Communist & Marxist-Leninist. This channel is about the science of Marxism-Leninism. I give information and my personal thoughts on various topics dealing with Marxism-Leninism. Feel free to ask questions and voice your opinion.

Educating a Right-Winger on Socialism (another reply to the Academic Agent)

Response to this: My original video ________________________________ SOURCES: Hunger Facts The Gulag Archipelago shouldn’t be taken seriously Russians still like Stalin Most Russians regret USSR collapse, dream of its return, poll shows Most Russians Prefer Return of Soviet Union and Socialism: Poll Why more than half of Russians miss the Soviet Union Arch Getty, Stalinist Terror: New Perspectives John Scott, Behind the Urals My Lai massacre documentary Victims of McCarthyism Concentration of capital Churchill’s Crimes From Indian Holocaust To Palestinian Genocide THE GENOCIDAL RACIST MURDERER THAT WAS MR. WINSTON CHURCHILL Not his finest hour: The dark side of Winston Churchill A reactionary called Solzhenitsyn The CIA’s Cultural War Against Soviet Russia Further reading on Solzhenitsyn Solzhenitsyn- The rotten legacy of a Fascist Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union