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I’m a young Finnish Communist & Marxist-Leninist. This channel is about the science of Marxism-Leninism. I give information and my personal thoughts on various topics dealing with Marxism-Leninism. Feel free to ask questions and voice your opinion.

North Koreans teach Finns Taekwondo (ITF)

Original ITF Taekwondo became more popular in North Korea while WTF Taekwondo was created by South Korea and the USA to replace ITF. WTF has since become more popular worldwide but both styles are still practiced. Founder of Taekwondo, Choi Hong Hi was a Korean nationalist anti-japanese fighter who later became a general in the South Korean army. He defected to North Korea in 1979. He is seen as unimportant or a traitor among WTF Taekwondo organizations. General Choi founded the “International Taekwondo Federation” (ITF) in 1966. South Korea created the “World Taekwondo Federation” (WTF) in 1973 when Choi was in political exile in Canada.