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The Moscow Trials (Part 2: Court Proceedings)

SOURCES: See also the sources used in the previous part. They are not all listed here. Joseph E. Davies, Mission To Moscow Statements of D.N. Pritt & Pat Sloan in The Moscow Trial Was Fair Mauritz A. Hallgren, Why I Resigned From the Trotsky Defense Committee Available at (Feuchtwanger, Lion. Moscow, 1937, p. 121-122) Bukharin was not tortured: Cohen, Bukharin na Lubianke, Svobodnaia Mysl’ 21, No. 3 (2003), pp. 60-1.) Asen Ignatov, Revoliutsiia pozhiraet svoikh vunderkindov. Sluchai Bukharina s psikhologicheski tochki zreniia. Forum 1 (2005)) available at Reabilitatsia. Kak Eto Bylo [“Rehabilitation. How It Happened”] vol. 2 (2003) Dewey comission proceedings: The case of Leon Trotsky Report of Hearings on the Charges Made Against Him in the Moscow Trials, third session New Evidence Concerning the “Hotel Bristol” Question in the First Moscow Trial of 1936 Gorbachev 1989 Rehabiliation document: “O Tak Nazyvaemom ‘Antisovetskom Ob” edinennom Trotskistsko-Zinov’evskom Tsentre.” quoted in Gorbachev about his anti-communism: Edvard Radzinsky, Stalin Carleton Beals’s statement available here: