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I’m a young Finnish Communist & Marxist-Leninist. This channel is about the science of Marxism-Leninism. I give information and my personal thoughts on various topics dealing with Marxism-Leninism. Feel free to ask questions and voice your opinion.

The Moscow Trials (Part 1: the investigation)

Very good shorter video on the topic by Tovarich Endymion: MY SOURCES: The sources didn’t all fit in the description. Full list here: Lenin, Summing-Up Speech On Party Unity And The Anarcho-Syndicalist Deviation Trotsky’s letters about the Bloc: Library of Harvard College 13905c, 1010, 4782 quoted in Pierre Broué’s The “Bloc” of the Oppositions against Stalin. Available at Sedov, The Red Book Getty, Origins of the Great Purges: The Soviet Communist Party Reconsidered, 1933-1938 Getty on the Kirov Murder: Arch Getty, the H-RUSSIA discussion list August 24, 2000. quoted here Alexander Zinoviev, The remorse of a dissident quoted here: Jules Humbert-Droz’s statement: ‘De Lénin à Staline, Dix Ans Au Service de L’ Internationale Communiste 1921-31’ available at Tokaev, Comrade X. Publisher, Harvill Press, 1956 (page 43) Ibid. (page 68) Tokaev, Grigori. Betrayal of an Ideal, Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University Press, 1955 Letter from Marshall Budyanni to Commissar for Defense Kliment Voroshilov (June 26, 1937) Colonel Alksnis interviews Elementy, 2000 & Bobrov, Vladimir L’vovich Transcript of a recorded conversation with Deputy V.I. Alksnis quoted here Molotov Remembers quoted here: Trotsky, Problem of the Ukraine Trotsky, On the Eve of the Congress Trotsky, On the Kirov Assassination Trotsky, Are There Limits to the Fall? Trotsky, Pour sa propre sauvegarde, la bureaucratie entretient la terreur (26 September 1935). L’appareil policier du stalinisme (Paris: Union générale d’éditions, 1976), pp. 85-87. Trotsky, Que signifie la capitulation de Rakovsky? (31 March 1934). La lutte, pp. 59—60. Trotsky, Le gouvernement soviétique applique-t-il toujours les principes définis il y a vingt ans? (13 January 1938). La lutte, pp. 159—160. Trotsky, A Political Dialogue, pp. 156, 158. Trotsky, A Fresh Lesson: After the “Imperialist Peace” at Munich (10 October 1938). Writings, vol. 11, p. 68. Trotsky, Stalin After the Finnish Experience (13 March 1940). Writings, vol. 12, p. 160. Zborowski reports 8 feb. 1837 & 11 feb. 1938, quoted in Bertrand M. Patenaude, Stalin’s Nemesis Tukhachevsky’s testimony published in Molodaia Gvardiia issue 10 of 1994 quoted here: Geoffrey Bailey, The Conspirators (page 215) Yuri Yemelianov, The Tukhachevsky Conspiracy Hitler read Trotsky’s Autobiography: Konrad Heiden, Der Fuehrer: Hitler’s rise to power (page 318) Anna Strong, The Soviets Expected It. New York: The Dial press, 1941, p. 134 available here Alexander Werth, quoted in Harpal Brar, Perestroika: The Complete Collapse of Revisionism (1992) p. 161 here: Also here: Full book in Russian here: Vlasov and Vlasovites. New Times 44 (1990), pp. 36—40. “Why I embarked on the road of struggle against Bolshevism” available here: Frederick Ludwig Carsten, “New Evidence against Marshal Tukhachevskii” in ‘New Light On Old Stories About Marshal Tukhachevskii : Some Documents Reconsidered’