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I’m a young Finnish Communist & Marxist-Leninist. This channel is about the science of Marxism-Leninism. I give information and my personal thoughts on various topics dealing with Marxism-Leninism. Feel free to ask questions and voice your opinion.

Socialism vs Individualism? (RE: LibertarianSocialistRants)

This video turned out quite long but this is a complex topic. Please watch the full video. LSR’s video Worker control Trade Unions in Soviet Russia Life and Labor in the Soviet Union by Dunn & Wallace Workers’ Participation in the Soviet Union by Mick Costello Strikes in Soviet Russia, “Workers Against Lenin” Leninism Under Lenin by Marcel Liebman Subbotniks, volunteer work Actually Existing Anarchism Pt. 2 (CNT-FAI Catalonia) Soviet Government & Electoral System The USSR: Democratic or Totalitarian? __________________________ My discord My patreon My facebook My twitter My blog