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Honest Government Advert | HealthCare

The US Government just released this ad about HealthCare and it’s surprisingly honest and informative. ☛ Please support us to create new videos: __KEY SOURCES: ☛ __CREDITS ☛ 100% produced by the Patrons of the Juice Media. ☛ Written & created by Giordano - with help from Adso, Dbot, and awesome US consultants: Ken, Alison and Ben. ☛ Performed by Ellen x Voice by Lucy ☛ Music by Soundaround: ☛ Outro beat by Mozart x Eric Parsons: __SUPPORT The Juice Media to keep us going: ☛ Become a Patron: ☛ Tip us on PayPal: ☛ Bitcoin: 1HMPK1zFCLopAvNEvR3aehFU1tSvHeWkTS ☛ Bitcoin Cash: 1NdbvafZGEttYUewAkLsQe1Y7vqtsTkxJ9 ☛ Ethereum: 0xb6cEC5a9f2b62A422F313C15860849122fA8Bc9f __TRANSLATIONS: ☛ Spanish translation by Vitama ☛ French translation by Julie ☛ Serbian translation by Tamara ☛ Danish translation by MaBeLi ☛ Portuguese translation by Vitor ☛ Italian translation by Niccolò