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Big Mac Counter Attack

This clip is a satire and comic documentary. It documents elements of the famous McLibel court case which is the longest running case in British legal history. *It is also a microcosm case study of the ills of corporate globalisation through observing the corporate governance practices (or lack thereof) of the multi-national fast food company McDonalds; a philosophical excursus encouraging the viewer to look for alternatives beyond the paradigm of crypto-fascist democracy, in which we now live, where real democracy (and real democratic ideology) has been hijacked by vested corporate interests. In the wake of the unprecedented ecological crisis and global financial crisis it is also a MASSIV WAKE UP CALL - Time to bring the (corporate( clown(s) down NOW! LYRICS (by mc Benna aka ZennaBomb) THE BIG MAC COUNTER ATTACK [sample from Mclibel documentary] This is a Big Mac counter attack Organic fanatics are sick of being stabbed in the back with clown fat So we get phat with beat, not with the meat, And fight back with phat funk against this fast rude junk Propaganda pumpin punks calling it food I think theyre confused, Killer sweet-treat deceit let-loose abuse For a fast-food attitude mad cow cash-crop mentality Growing instant gratification sewing seeds of slavery Its amping up the pace of the lab rat race The soma coma kamikaze selling pig fat as milkshakes A rorter slaughter trauma sick cows line mass graves Serve you up a dead planet on the skin bones of slaves! Serve you up a dead planet on the skin bones of slaves! [sample from Mclibel documentary] Yeah this Ronnie Mac heart attack pact Is manufacturing distracting plastic packaged false facts Hormone pumped diseased cow puss and clown fat Got truth trembling on the corporate rorter torture rack Would you like lies with that? Or fries with beef fat What about terror-fied cries of forests falling for big Macs Genetically modified alibis for the starving poor Third world food stolen for Mac-first world exports Straight to your first world first class Neo-liberal sat on a FAT arse Free market disaster task I gotta ask: How much land did you steal for that happy meal? See its a crappy deal when you see the life it killed Yeah its a crappy deal when you see the life it killed [sample from Mclibel documentary] Deep fried lies for another colonized genocide attempt Fat corporate cats hellbent on monoculture madness & mayhem To rupture the structure of diversity its heresy Embarrasses me the golden arch glory of modern humanity The greasy greed feast of fear-full diseased meat Turning animals into cannibals and humans into sheep Youre being cloned like robots in a war machine factory coz theyre harvesting lies Like they be harvesting wheat Overworked employer exploited underpaid The youth of today being waylaid into early graves By fat corporate cats deep fried desires, hell fires and death buys UPSIZED Dissolving remoulding their lives In animal fat its a cannibal act a criminal fact The capital pact is stabbing you in the back Yeah deep friend in animal fat its a cannibal act the capital pact Is stabbin you in the back with a criminal fact Golden-Arch-idol-istic-satanic-earth-demolition-religion (SATAN) Ya monoculture style is genocide A full scale culture assaulter like a Christian mission Ya mindshare warfare is totalitarian tunnel vision Its mind fukka tukka terrorism [sample from Mclibel documentary] Yeah I aint bowin down to no paedophile clown Raping the minds of our children turning smiles to frowns So were shouting out LOUD with our stereo sound Bring the whole fat evil Mac Empire down [Evil laugh]