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Hazelwood Dark Ages - feat Robbie Thorpe & Scott Ludlam

civil disobedience: 22 people arrested and 500+ protesting at Hazelwood in direct action against the dirtiest and most harmful coal-powered station in the world. HAZELWOOD POWER STATION - is one of the dirtiest power stations in the industrialised world, emitting 17megatonnes of CO2 annually. International Power Hazelwood employs 520 people. Hazelwood was scheduled to be decommissioned by 2009 due to its excessive carbon dioxide emissions, however the State Government in 2005 extended its life until 2031. The action is intended to show that the social licence to continue to burn coal and pollute has been revoked. We are declaring a Community Decommission Order on Hazelwood, to switch on the renewable energy transition. Speakers included: Robbie Thorpe - representative of the Gunai/Kurnai - owners of the land in the La Trobe valley, Scott Ludlum, Green Senator for WA, and Dave Sweeney, Australian Conservation Foundation, ACF. THE POLICE RESPONSE: HOW OUR TAX DOLLARS ARE SPENT. The policing operation was reported to have cost in excess of $200,000 with 250 officers present including horses, dogs, the helicopter and boats on the pondage. The visible presence was about 100 officers along the fence line. Police had constructed a temporary fence about 100 metres beyond the real perimeter of the plant. This allowed demonstrators to breach the first police line and be arrested without actually getting too close to the plant, something the police obviously intended. Police did appear to lose patience by about 3 PM as the protestors held a final spokes council to decide on how to end the day. The meeting was buzzed low by the police helicopter and police liason were told that any mass charge on the fence to finish the day would be met with the use of capsicum foam. That was their subtle way of saying, it was time to go home. Arrestees were charged with Trespass and were told they will be charged on summons to appear in the Morewell Courts at a later date. They were processed on site. One protestor was charged with assaulting police after allegedly colliding with a police officer after jumping the fence. Organisers have pledged legal support and solidarity fundraising will occur for all those arrested. Want to know when these events are taking place? Google ‘Friends of the Earth’ and subscribe to the mailing list for FoE in your city. for more information visit: Excerpts taken from Indymendia: