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Honest Government Ad | Aussie Arms Industry

The Australien Government made an ad about how its plans to become one of the top 10 exporters of arms in the world, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative. -- Ways you can support us to keep making videos: – Become a Patron: – Tip us on PayPal: – Tip us in Bitcoin: bc1qevsxr6a8uytqj63fjemdyevjkctnj3tlk3r9cq -- We have a PODCAST now! Make sure to subscribe on your podcast app: 👉 Produced by Patrons of the Juice Media. Special thanks to our Patron Producers: Amel Tresnjic, Waeress, Nicholas-B, Richelle-R, Anna Hathis, Rumpole c cat, Tom Mettam, Anon-H 🙏 👉 CREDITS - Written & created by Giordano for The Juice Media - Performed by Ellen x voice by Lucy - Pyney’s Warhouse artwork by Zoe Tame - Babysitting by Carole! - Music by StockSounds: - Outro beat by Mozart x Eric Parsons: - Thanks to the Juice team for input - Special thanks to Antony Loewenstein for insights 👉 TRANSLATIONS: - Russian by Прохор Озорнин - French by Julie - Bahasa by Hendry Lim - Serbian by Tamara - Spanish by Bazook894 👉 REFERENCES & FURTHER READING: - Video of Christopher Pyne launching the Australian Military Sales Catalogue (yes, unfortunately it’s real): - 2018 Australian Military Sales Catalog: - “Murky business” by Antony Loewenstein: - “Australian Military Licences To Saudi Arabia Have Quietly Quadrupled” by Kelly Tranter: utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utmcampaign=the-iraq-war-15-years-on--michael-brull-on-how-the-left-fared-the-revolut--2018-03-26--01-39-39 - Turnbull Plans for Australia to Become a Top Arms Dealer” by Paul Gregoire: - re donors, by Paul Farrell: