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Honest Government Ad | Australia's Refugee Policy

The Australien Government released a message for people smugglers, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative! -- Ways you can support us to keep making videos: – Become a Patron: – Tip us on PayPal: – Tip us in Bitcoin: bc1qevsxr6a8uytqj63fjemdyevjkctnj3tlk3r9cq -- We have a PODCAST now! Make sure to subscribe on your podcast app: -- CREDITS – Produced by Patrons of the Juice Media – Written & created by Giordano for The Juice Media – Performed by Ellen x voice by Lucy – Thanks to Benna, Jake, Simon, Dbot, Adso and Adam for input – Special thanks to Hendry and Aida for help with naughty Bahasa words – Thanks to Carole and Sarah for babysitting Luca – Music by ServusAudio: – Outro music by Mozart x Eric Parsons: -- TRANSLATIONS: - Bahasa by Hendry | French by Julie | Danish by Mathilde | Farsi/Persian by Bruce | Serbian by Tamara | Turkish by Antigone09 -*- SOURCES & FURTHER READING – ABC “Fact check: Have the asylum seekers on Nauru not proven themselves to be genuine refugees?” – Katharine Murphy: “Without facts, we slide into Trumpism. The truth matters here” – SMH: On the $16 billion figure spent on offshore camps: – Refugee Council: On the number of people (3,127) who have been put in offshore detention: – NewDaily: “Irony: Record number of asylum seekers arrive on Dutton’s watch” – Business Insider: on no wage growth: