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Honest Government Ad | The ABC

The Australien Government has made an ad about the ABC, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative! -- Defend the ABC: -- Ways you can support us to keep making videos: – Become a Patron: – Tip us on PayPal: – Tip us in Bitcoin: bc1qevsxr6a8uytqj63fjemdyevjkctnj3tlk3r9cq -- We have a PODCAST now! Make sure to subscribe on your podcast app: -- CREDITS - Produced by Patrons of the Juice Media - Written and created by Giordano for The Juice Media - Performed by Ellen x Voice by Lucy - Special thanks to James, Jake and Dbot for input and advice - Thanks to Sarah for babysitting Luca! - Soundtrack by TwoMountains: - Outro music by Triple7Music: -- TRANSLATIONS: Serbian by Tamara | Bahasa by Hendry | French by Julie -- FURTHER READING & SOURCES: - ABC is most trusted news source for Australians: - How much the ABC costs us each day (11 cents): - How much NewsCorp costs us ($882M + Tony Abbott): - And that $30M handout the Government gave Foxtel:$30-million-from-government-&-no-paperwork/8723468 - Report from the Government’s Inquiry into the ABC finds no evidence of breaching competitive neutrality rules: - Ex-Foxtel boss to lead another inquiry into the ABC: - How the Govt stacks the ABC board with all its mates: - That time the ABC Chair suggested shooting a journalist: - Why the ABC matters: