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Black Pigeon Speaks Caught Plagiarizing. Again

My Twitter: My Discord: (I’m always here) My Patreon: My Paypal: Black Pigeon Stinks. Black Pigeon Squawks. Black Pigeon Repeats. Black Plagiarism Speaks. Oh by the by, he lives in a pile of pigeons so his house probably smells really bad. So that’s fun. You can hear the pigeons cooing in the background of the bubonic plague video if you listen closely with headphones. Sources: (California is apparently a third world state) (Which is a copy of this video btw) (Which is also a copy of this video, btw) (Which is stolen from this article lol) (Great video from my friend Bailey on BPS and his history of bullshit) Music: Rossini - Thieving Magpie; Strauss - The Blue Danube