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The Zoot Suit Riots | A History Of Racism

Collaboration with SJWDebates. He’s awesome and his work can be viewed here: My Twitter: My Discord: (I’m always here) My Patreon: My Paypal: Sources: (Mexican migration moved westward and forced job competition with Anglos, inflaming tensions | Night of the riots, police ordered to not arrest sailors | Zoot Suit Riots, Exploring Social Issues in American History) (Enumerator instructions for the 1930 census, which used the one-drop rule and denoted Mexican as a separate category) (Brief history of the zoot suit) (Sailors attacked Mexicans wearing Zoot Suits as young as 12) (Around 4.6 million Bracero contracts during program’s existence) (Details on Operation Wetback) (Segregation shaped Mexican communities in LA area and city planners enforced this by eminent domain, p.232 Navy declared downtown areas unsanitary, p.230 | LA Geopolitics and the Zoot Suit Riot) (LA Times Article linking youth crime with Pachuco and Zoot-Suit stylings) (Newspaper clippings leading up to riots) (600 Mexican youths seized in response to Jose Diaz Murder) (3 convictions for 1st degree murder, 9 of 2nd degree murder, and 5 of assault) (Appeal document for case stating Diaz left before brawl took place, and documenting Fricke’s numerous trial peculiarities) (Source for Carey Williams quote, pg. 370) (The Zoot-Suit Riots: The Psychology of Symbolic Annihilation – Mauricio Mazon. Peculiarities of trial, pg. 21-22) (Brief rundown on Henry Layvas and the Zoot Suit Riots) (Cary McWilliams, 1943b, 819 “Marching through the streets…a mob of a thousand soldiers…proceeded to beat up every zoot-suiter they could find”) (Governor’s Citizen’s Committee Report on Los Angeles Riots, 1943) Music: Kudasai - Eventide Peacock Affect - Who Cares If You Exist (Eisu Remix) Kudasai - When I See You A l e x - The Burnmarks On My EPiano Won’t Go Away