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What The Alt Right Get Wrong About Immigration

Everything. Correction: The percentage difference between races is a difference in variation. My Twitter: My Discord: (I’m always here) My Patreon: My Paypal: Sources: (AAA Statement on race) (CIS Study on immigrant welfare use) (Jason Richwine’s cost analysis for CIS) (CATO response to CIS) (David Card study on Mariel Boatlift) (National Academy of Science – 2nd generation immigrants strongest economic contributors, Ch.2 p.7) (25% of business startups are from immigrants) (Walter Ewig, “crime in the United States is not caused or even aggravated by immigrants”) (Ruben Rumbaut, “immigration is associated with lower crime rates”) (Nactional Academy of Sciences pg.326, “immigrants are in fact much less likely than natives to commit crimes.”) (Senate Committee on Homeland Security – Cost of Trump’s Wall) The Origins of the Urban Crisis: Race and Inequality in Postwar Detroit, Thomas J. Sugrue, pg. 47-49. (Thomas J. Sugrue, “What Caused Detroit’s Demise?”) (Robert Putnam, “It would be equally unfortunate if an ahistorical and ethnocentric-conservatism were to deny that [diversity] is both feasible and desirable.”) (Immigration and Japan – growth since the 90s) (Japan doesn’t collect census data based on race or ethnic background) (Demographic background of Israel) (Causes of worldwide fertility decline) (Institute for Family Studies decline of Hispanic Birthrates) (Immigrant crime convictions at federal level) (Immigration crime publication) (Opinion poll on birthright citizenship) (Reuter/Ipsos poll on attitudes towards multiculturalism)