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The Alt Right Plagiarism Problem

It was recently argued to me that what Black Pigeon Speaks does is, though unethical, permissible, because we shouldn’t hold entertainers to academic standards. I vociferously disagree. He is presenting other people’s words as if they were his own. He cannot hide behind saying that he is an entertainer as a defense. If you disagree, be honest with yourself. Had we not pointed this out, you would have assumed that the very words we exposed as plagiarism were his. This community suffers from a serious ethics problem. Instead of citing their sources, some plug their merch stores. Instead of investigating other’s sources, some insult and ask for your Patreon support. And some, when selling you their spoken words, plagiarize those words or ideas from other people verbatim. Being an entertainer is not a blank check on being unethical, and attitudes like that will be the death of alternative media. I am not your news source. I don’t want to be your news source. I want you to assume, with every claim I make, that I’m lying, and I want you to investigate for yourself. I leave my sources for you to hold me accountable. If I get something wrong, I want you to scream it at me until I make a correction. This is the standard I hold myself to. Why can’t it be the standard for everyone else? My Twitter: My Discord: (I’m always here) My Patreon: My Paypal: Sources: (Documented examples of Black Pigeon Speaks plagiarizing Samuel P. Huntington) (Documented examples of BPS plagiarizing various authors) (Stefan’s plagiarism 14:40) (Source Stefan plagiarized from, “Early interpersonal experiences have a profound impact on the brain because the brain circuits”) (Alice Miller’s Book Ch.4 – Prisoners Time Bomb in the Brain) (Stefan plagiarism :4011:2713:04) (Glubb’s work that Stefan plagiarized, “’The only thing we learn from history,’ it has been said, ‘is that men never learn from history”) (J. Rufus Fears’ lecture that Stefan plagiarized from, “It stretched from the moors of Scotland out to the Tigris and Euphrates River valleys of Iraq…”, “St. Paul could travel all over the eastern Mediterranean, preaching and talking himself out of trouble…”) (Archive of J. Rufus Fears’ lecture that Stefan plagiarized in case link is dead) (Stefan’s plagiarism at 9:269:5612:00) (Blog post on Muslim slavery Stefan stole from “bits and pieces from history…/Why does the Arab world have no corresponding…”) (Blog post Stefan stole from “While Islam dominated the slave trade from the…”) (Tweet with pic of Stefan posing as a woman) (Milo stole Tori Amos lyrics for his book) (Story on Marine Le Pen plagiarizing a speech) (Kraut’s Paranoia Pornographer episode on Black Pigeon Speaks) (Another example of BPS’ Plagiarism) (Another example of BPS’ Plagiarism)