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The Dishonest Framing of Anti SJW Youtube

False flaggers are legitimately some of the worst human beings in existence. This video was a collaboration with SJWDebates, who was the talent of this production. I can’t recommend this channel enough. He’s a sharp mind, a sharper wit, and a talented Youtuber. Go subscribe! My Twitter: My Discord: (I’m always here) My Patreon: My Paypal: Bitchute mirror: Sources included: (Sargon repeatedly describing BPS as alternative media) (Sargon declaring that criticizing BPS isn’t speaking truth to power) (Kraut’s video on BPS, including links to plagiarism) (My video on BPS, demonstrating plagiarism) (Article detailing many of BPS’s long history of incorrect, hateful, and dishonest conduct) (SBG’s video on the Destiny/JonTron debate) (SBG’s response video to Franchesca Ramsey) (Ramsey’s video on voter ID laws and structural racism) (Details on NC Voter ID Law) (Court case Franchesca Ramsey mentioned, and its impact) (JoseNotJay’s video on Lauren Southern) (Blog detailing many of the errors from Farmlands, including details on Roche) (Reference article on Simon Roche and his ties to various white nationalist groups, including financial ties) (NYT Article detailing the head of Identity Europa’s political activities) Music: Tycho - A Walk