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Kristi Winters and Kevin Logan Make The Left Look Bad

How to lose friends and alienate people, ft. the left’s biggest drama queens. Technical error: Minor audio skip towards the end. Correction: I state that Ralph was banned for hosting streams dedicated to Holocaust denial. Though primarily about Holocaust denial, the stream’s purpose was to raise money for charity (the Heal Stream). Note: The stream ft. Jake/Kristi and Kevin/Warski were clipped and spliced for time. Links in descriptions. My Twitter: My Discord: (I’m always here) My Patreon: My Paypal: Sources included: (Kevin Logan mocking Thunderf00t for his father dying #4:41) (Jake’s stream where Kristi implies he’s sexist for “let me suck your dick” remark) (Kristi criticizing Claudia for “defending June’s racism” and calling Ranting Feminist a racist enabler) (Kristi and Kevin criticizing Sam Harris for associating and white-washing white supremacists) (Kristi offering legal advice to JF on how to sue Sargon) (Kristi claiming she offered JF legal advice prior to knowing he was a sexual predator) (Kristi referencing the court docs against JF in late December) (Kevin’s stream where he claims he was there to collect screencaps and stream drama #26 minutes in) (Article on JF exploiting autistic girl) (Ethan Ralph “If you want to call me alt-right, that’s probably fair,”) (Article detailing Ethan Ralph’s streams, including the Holocaust stream) (Kevin asked how he feels about Ethan Ralph’s ban, to which Kevin responds “I’ve got no problem with Ethan Ralph”) Music: Purple Hex - Alone Again