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 The Serfs

The Serfs

In a media landscape blemished with uncertainty two indentured plebs bring you their comedic spin on the weekly news. The only escape from the black death is a few moments to swill ale in a disease ridden tavern. If you like what you see and hear please subscribe, share, and like at will. Be sure to check out our podcast at

Women In Video Game History | The Serfs

From the trailblazing female programmers of Atari to the digital heroines of today, we explore the history of women in video games with Maggie Mae Fish! Click▼ Guest starring Maggie Mae Fish: #videogames #feminism #history If you enjoy what you see and hear don’t feel shy about subscribing, liking or sharing our channel. Follow The Serfs ►TWITTER - ►INSTAGRAM - ►SOUNDCLOUD - ►DISCORD - ►REDDIT - ►OG WEBSITE - Support the Serfs ►PATREON - ►MERCH - or use The Serfs affiliate link to buy anything: #spreadthebread Women in the Gaming Community: In Defense of Anita Sarkeesian: Sources: