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 The Serfs

The Serfs

In a media landscape blemished with uncertainty two indentured plebs bring you their comedic spin on the weekly news. The only escape from the black death is a few moments to swill ale in a disease ridden tavern. If you like what you see and hear please subscribe, share, and like at will. Be sure to check out our podcast at

Joe Rogan Gateway Experience (into the Alt Right) 2018

Joe Rogan has the most popular podcast in history and is one of the key figures of the intellectual dark web. Using the Alternative Influence Network by Rebecca Lewis, we explain how he is a gate way into more extreme members of the network. He may be your first daddy but he shall not be your last. Featuring “Where Is My 8Bit Mind?” by Volt 44. If you enjoy what you see and hear don’t feel shy about subscribing, liking or sharing our channel. Join the Serfs! #joerogan #altright #jordanpeterson Or find us on social media: Be sure to hit the bell icon beside subscribe to make sure you get all the latest updates as we expel them. Sources: