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The Serfs

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Ben Shapiro Gets Cuckstroyed By Ben Burgis | Ask a Socialist | The Serfs

Ben Shapiro thinks he knows socialism and is all too happy to eviscerated another college liberal in the crossfire. Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers Ben Burgis rises to the occasion for some counter cuckage! #socialism #benshapiro #debate What viral video should Ben Burgis tackle next? Suggest it in the comments and it could be the subject of episode 2 of Ask A Socialist! Be sure to check out Give Them an Argument: Logic For The Left from Zero Books: If you enjoy what you see and hear don’t feel shy about subscribing, liking or sharing our channel. Join the Serfs! Or find us on social media: Be sure to hit the bell icon beside subscribe to make sure you get all the latest updates as we expel them.