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The Serfs

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Can James Bond Be Black? - Who will be the next James Bond - #jamesbond #007 #bond #blackbond

When the requirements to be James Bond are being suave, good looking, and British why is it so surprising that it be suggested Idris Elba play the titular character? We debunk the theory and history behind it. Correction: User Natesh Mayuranathan pointed out that Ben Kingsley was in fact half Indian (Gujarati) so the accusation of brown face is completely unwarranted. One of the two Serfs who run this channel and podcast is Indian himself so he’s doubly ashamed. If you enjoy what you see and hear don’t feel shy about subscribing, liking or sharing our channel. It helps us produce more contact. Check out our official podcast at Or find us on social media: who will be the next james bond keywords: james bond,bond,idris elba,idris elba james bond,black james bond,can james bond be black,black bond,007,daniel craig,skyfall,white washing,ed skrein,james bond racism,bond racism,james bond sexism,bond sexism,sean connery,timothy dalton,pierce brosnan,best bond of all time,bond girls,bond tropes,bond sexist tropes,james bond misogyny,bond misogyny,worst moments in james bond,worst things james bond has done,james bond is sexist,james bond 2019