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 The Serfs

The Serfs

In a media landscape blemished with uncertainty two indentured plebs bring you their comedic spin on the weekly news. The only escape from the black death is a few moments to swill ale in a disease ridden tavern. If you like what you see and hear please subscribe, share, and like at will. Be sure to check out our podcast at

The Great YouTube Troll-Odyssey | The Serfs

We got the worst April Fool’s prank of all time delivered to us in the form of losing our entire channel. No warning no strikes no nothing. After the false flagging that had occured with our Marc Randazza video we assumed it was an alt right attack. What happened next blew us away… #SerfsUp Sound off on the new Breadtube project: English subtitles by: Comrade Da Thank you to all these awesome comrades: ThoughtSlime (we’re so sorry we spaced on squishing you in there but check him out): Ray Ramses: Bad Empanada Jose Not Jose: The Kavernacle: Radical Reviewer: Maria The Witch: Chrisiousity: Rationality Disconnected: Badman Massive: Kevin Logan: Non Compete: Peter Coffin: HBomberguy: Sam Seder: Michael Brooks: Hasan Piker: If you enjoy what you see and hear don’t feel shy about subscribing, liking or sharing our channel. Join the Serfs! Buy a T-Shirt and support the show: Or find us on social media: Be sure to hit the bell icon beside subscribe to make sure you get all the latest updates as we expel them.